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Wind energy,
quiet and strong.

TURBINA Energy AG develops, produces and delivers the wind
energy system for private households and industrial applications.

The Turbinas have a compact design, are quiet, blend into the
environment and start to produce energy at very low winds (1,5 m/s)  – from any direction!



World premiere of the s/m/a/r/t Tower on the Building Green on October 28 and 29 in Copenhagen.


TE20 wind turbine available now with PV modules


New set up of outdoor advertisement. s/m/a/r/t Tower now available with LED screens.




Wind energy, quiet and strong

TURBINA Energy AG is developing innovative small wind energy systems since several years for different applications – for a sustainable and economical power production.
After years of intense research and development, the latest versions of the        TE 20 and TE 67 Turbinas are available since 2013.
Take your time to discover more and make an active contribution for a cleaner environment.

Your strong partner – TURBINA Energy AG.

Become independent and trust in our innovative and reliable energy supply – “Made in Germany”.