The Turbina s/m/a/r/t Tower is polished

Ready for Easter - The Turbina s/m/a/r/t Tower is polished: The s/m/a/r/t Tower’s versatility is now proved positive.

Turbina goes Brazil

2015/2016 Bahia, Praia de Pratigi, Brazil: The new year in Brazil has been welcomed with Turbina's green energy. The TE20 wind turbine was the highlight at the Universo Paralello Festival...

s/m/a/r/t Tower now available with LED screens for flexible commercial advertising

TURBINA's s/m/a/r/t Tower can be used for flexible commercial advertising. One or even all 4 sides of the tower can be equipped with big LED screens. These high resolution technology screens come with control software and hardware - hey allow for an easy use of the outdoor advertising space.

R&D: TE20 wind turbine now also available as hybrid system with PV modules

The TE20 Windturbine is now also available in a hybrid energy system with solar modules.

Worldwide premiere of Turbina’s s/m/a/r/t Tower at Building Green exhibition in Copenhagen, Denmark

Together with their danish partner Phoenix Tag, Turbina Energy presents the s/m/a/r/t Tower at the biggest national exhibition for design, construction and conservation-conscious building.


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